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Can I join IGN yet?

2014-08-31 12:04:57 by Tollo79

I just saw my review of a game and absouloutly doubled up with laughter. I'm not even joking I could do this for a living, I am a god at reviewing shit, enjoy this review because it made me laugh my head off.



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2014-08-31 12:41:26

2/10 this post hasnt got enough no scopes.

Tollo79 responds:

You can never have enough scopes.


2014-08-31 12:56:51

Lol i love your review! When i review stuff i always do the disappointment sandwich : good point, bad point, good point... the game was a disappointment burrito with an extra side of disappointment. I think i got so hypnotised with the little ball bouncing around my screen that i forgot how bad it was... thanks for the reminder. What i saw can't be unseen...

Tollo79 responds:

I've said worse during reviews, but this game had no good points,


2014-08-31 23:29:57

Where have you been? You are the cool.

Tollo79 responds:

I don't know where I was myself.


2014-09-01 14:41:13

He think it all right. Son.


2016-07-10 22:25:11

Please return. You are the cool. ;!