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Can I join IGN yet?

2014-08-31 12:04:57 by Tollo79

I just saw my review of a game and absouloutly doubled up with laughter. I'm not even joking I could do this for a living, I am a god at reviewing shit, enjoy this review because it made me laugh my head off.


I've decided to change the majority of stuff on this account.

None of you will give a shit so I'm happy I've gone to all this effort for nothing you cunts. I've changed my description and icons plus my profile picture because I come across as a autistic 7 year old with a strong feeling of patriotic values which too be honest is wrong because I don't give a shit about the UK, and my grammar was pretty appualing looking back at my old comments on shit so that shit had to be improved.

Hopefully I look less of a twat to everyone on here, I love you all you cunts <3


How to be funny.

2012-04-18 18:20:31 by Tollo79

Just found one of my reviews of a MistyEntertainment flash in one of his follow up flashes. It was posted about 2 weeks after I first joined, and after a criticized his joke flash he put my comment in the follow up video.

I will post the link here to the original Stick Skateboarding:
And here is how to be funny:

How to be funny.


2012-02-19 13:56:16 by Tollo79

Soon there is going to be quite a few audio submissions from me in the next few weeks I'm going to release them this week or maybe tonight it depends and may I just say there going to be better then my art :)